Amazing 16,000lb’s Jade Boulder Found by Miners in USA

An incredible boulder of Jade Nephrite has been found on a mining site on the West Coast of the United States. The discovery was made in Washington state, while exploring a large Jade vein on one of the miner claims.

The boulder which measures roughly 10.5′ X 5′ X 4″ and weighs approximatley 8 short tonnes is currently waiting to be appraised, but one certified gemologist that has viewed the boulder believes it is the finest example he has seen from the region.

Even on the overcast day on which the boulder was photographed, one can see the beautiful deep green colour, even in this unpolished slice.

Using a diamond saw, the miners cut a small window at one end and slabbed off a small area for testing. Nothing in these photos is polished or treated in any way other than from the natural smoothing from rain water falling on the rock for centuries, as it lay waiting to be found.

There are four additional grind areas through the rind around the sides of the boulder to show the quality of the Jade.  We do not intend to cut the boulder until a final buyer requests it after purchase.

This jade, which is nephrite, is of an exceptionally high quality and will be turned into beautiful jewellery or used for carving into magnifiscent statues, such as the majestic Jade Buddha’s found in Thailand.

If you are interested in finding out more about this boulder and for purchase enquiries, please contact us.