About Us

History of Company

Situated in London and with our beginnings in 2005, London Commodity Brokers is an independent over-the-counter broking house. We specialise in physical and derivatives broking of coal, iron ore, bulk water,physical dry bulk freight and other commodity markets. We have been lucky enough to have facilitated the trade of over 450 million tons of commodities since 2005.


  • 2005

    Our Beginning

    LCB opens it’s first office in London

  • 2007

    LCB Expands

    New offices open in India and Dubai

  • 2008

    London Dry Bulk

    London Dry Bulk is created and becomes worlds first specialist physical and financial iron ore broker. Deutsche Bank eventually buys a stake of LDB

  • 2008

    Hong Kong and China

    LCB opens offices in Hong Kong and China to broker coal into the Far East

  • 2010


    LCB opens office in Singapore to further assist the iron ore SWAPS market

  • 2012

    Bumper Landmark

    LCB brokers 44 million tonnes of physical commodities in one year

Clive Murray, Our Founder & C.E.O.

Clive Murray founded London Commodity Brokers and played a pivotal role in developing the OTC physically traded coal markets in Europe, South Africa, China and India.

Clive, as CEO of London Dry Bulk, led the charge to move the Iron Ore industry away from an annual bench-marking system and to indexation of physical contracts and a derivative market. LDB brokered the world’s first Iron Ore derivative on SGX as well as the first deals on ICE, CME and LCH.

SGX has traded Iron Ore forwards to a contract value of $400 billion since 2009.

Additionally Clive established London Commodity News, was Head of Weather and Emissions for ICAP, Chief Dealer for De Beers SA & Centenary Luxembourg and CEO of Astley & Pearce South Africa.