Iron Ore the biggest import product for Bahrain

Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum| ANBA News Agency

The items the Gulf country purchases from abroad the most are iron ore, aluminum oxide and four-wheel drive automobiles.

 Iron ore was the most imported product to Bahrain in January, the Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported this week. Apart from non-agglomerated iron ores and concentrates, top import items include aluminum oxide, in second, and four-wheel drive cars, in third.

The numbers are from Bahrain’s Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA). Bahrain imported BHD 24 million on iron ore imports, or USD 63.3 million at current exchange rates. Aluminum oxide imports came out to BHD 23 million (USD 60.6 million), and four-wheel drive vehicle imports hit BHD 17 million (USD 44.8 million).

The top export product from Bahrain was unwrought aluminum alloys, at BHD 13 million (USD 34.2 million). Brigdes and bridge-sections ranked second, followed by non-alloyed aluminum wire, not alloyed. Exports of each of these products fetched roughly BHD 12 million (USD 31.6 million).

Total imports to Bahrain were up 20% in January to BHD 445 million (USD 1.1 billion). China was the biggest supplier, with the USA in second. Exports from Bahrain were down 5% to BHD 168 million (USD 443 million), and the top destinations were Saudi Arabia and the UAE…Full Story