About Us

London Commodity Brokers (“LCB”) is an independent over-the-counter (“OTC”) broking house specialising in physical and derivatives broking of coal, copper, bulk water, freight and other commodity markets. Situated in London, LCB has brokered over 450 million tons of commodities since 2005.

Since its inception as a physical coal broking house, LCB has responded to our clients’ needs and expanded our product offering to include all grades of coal, iron ore and related derivatives products. We broker our products on the basis of both master and bilateral contracts and are able to negotiate structured and term business as well as prompt cargoes. Specifically, with regard to iron ore, LCB was the first broker of both physical iron ore and iron ore swaps. We were also the first brokers to clear iron ore through a number of exchanges including SGX, ICE, CME and LCH.

Recently LCB has seen further opportunities in the commodity market and have begun our involvement in other commodities such as coking coal, chrome, manganese and nickel. LCB also created, owns and licenses a standard master contract, namely THE COMMODITY CONTRACT, currently in use amongst many of our clients. However, LCB also realises that not all commodities can be standardized and as such, London Commodity Brokers is a registered broker on the Continental Commodity Exchange, an electronic trading platform aimed at helping artisanal miners sell their goods to the international market, regardless of specification

Finally, LCB has realised the need to arrange project and/or structured finance for many of our producer clients and is in the unique position to be able to do so, having access to the widest range of international buyers, funders and commodity off-takers.

LCB has already arranged significant off-take finance for various clients and is able to bring a vast number of potential finance options to best serve our clients.

Service Offering

Our range of services covered within the group includes:


Physical & Financial Coal (export & domestic markets)
Physical & Financial Iron Ore (export markets)
Physical & Financial Coking Coal
Physical Base Metals such as Chrome, Manganese, Nickel and Copper (export & domestic markets)
Physical Dry Bulk Freight
Crude Oil and related products
Carbon Black
Physical Water in Bulk Vessels (export markets)
Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Products in Bulk
Soft Agricultural Products

Resource Finance

LCB has the widest network of international financiers and off-takers in the commodity market. As such, we are able to source the most competitive project finance opportunities for mining companies and others looking to develop their projects. We can arrange finance for existing or greenfield opportunities from pre-feasibility to refinancing options. Our team of ex investment bankers and mining engineers will conduct initial due diligence on all projects ensuring the ultimate success of the financing.

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